Marcia Iwatate Office

  • 2017
  • Shinsegae Department Store
    Main Store Level 6, Seoul

HOMURAN Rice, Tea & Bamboo

広い彫刻のガーデンに面した、百貨店の顧客マダムの御用達all-dayレストラン。メニューコンセプトは懐かしの「日本の洋食」に加え、フュージョンロールやライスボウル。アフタヌーンティーには多彩な光に満ちた季節のフルーツ、抹茶やほうじ茶のパフェ、かき氷とモナカアイス等のメニューを。器は日本のニュークラフトから選んだ。 Facing a large sculpture garden, a light-filled, all-day restaurant serving casual fare to ladies-who-shop-and-lunch. The menu focuses on nostalgic “Western Japanese” dishes, udon noodles and fusion-style rolls and rice bowls. Afternoon tea menu features parfaits made with seasonal fruit, matcha and hojicha, snowflakes and Japanese desserts. Japanese new crafts tableware completes the scene.

Shinsegae Inc.
concept, creative direction & execution
岩立マーシャ Marcia Iwatate
interior design
Workshop Miro 荻野佳宏 Workshop Miro Yasuhiro Ogino
Plus y
tableware selection
岡本玲子 Reiko Okamoto
bi design
uniform design
Le Ciel
繁田諭 Satoshi Shigeta