Marcia Iwatate Office

  • 2008
  • The Westin Chosun, Seoul


創業22年の老舗「鮨朝」のリニューアル。「一期一会」の心を大切にし、食材の滋味を引き出す和食メニュー。銀座「久衛兵」とのコラボレーションによる江戸前鮨を樹齢350年の木曽檜のカウンターで提供。それに合わせた日本酒のセレクト、オリジナルの器をデザイン。 Originally founded 22 years ago, the restaurant was reborn as a new standard of haute Japanese cuisine. “Cherish every encounter, as it will never happen again”, famed words from tea master Sen Rikyu serves as the central concept. Authentic Japanese cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Traditional sushi artistry from Michelin-awarded Ginza Kyubey is served at the sushi counter crafted in Japan with 350-year old Kiso Hinoki wood. To complement the cuisine, a selection of premium Sake and bespoke tableware.

The Westin Chosun
concept, creative direction & execution
岩立マーシャ Marcia Iwatate
interior design
Guido Stefanoni・Mik Design 堀内竜太郎 Guido Stefanoni・Mik Design Ryutaro Horiuchi
Plus y
tableware design & selection
岡本玲子 Reiko Okamoto
logo design
華雪 Kasetsu
bi design
Nacása & Partners