Marcia Iwatate Office

  • 2018
  • J.W. Marriott Seoul


フランス哲学者Montaigne/モンテーニュの名言 “美食を嗜むことは決して小さな技量ではなく、その喜びもまた決して小さな悦びではない” をコンセプトに本格的な和食をおもてなしの心と共に。
French philosopher Montaigne words, "The art of dining well is no slight art, the pleasure no slight pleasure" was the driving force to mold a new standard of Japanese haute cuisine in South Korea, served in the spirit of Omotenashi hospitality. In intimate private dining rooms, seasonal artistry is presented on exquisite Japanese tableware in Kaiseki courses. Traditional Edomae sushi is served at the 350-year old Kiso Hinoki wood counter crafted in Japan. Served in a pewter art-muraled room and prepared to order with innovative cooking methods, Teppan-yaki courses feature hand-picked premium Korean beef, seafood, seasonal vegetables and international gourmand ingredients. Moments of tranquility to indulge in, with a bowl of premium matcha and other teas imported from Uji and Yame in Japan, prepared in “the way of tea” by tea masters at the tea bar equipped with traditional fittings. Precious seasonal wagashi confectionaries created by Chef de Cuisine Sato accompany tea courses.

Central City Development・J.W. Marriott Seoul
concept, creative direction & execution
岩立マーシャ Marcia Iwatate
interior design
Casappo & Associates
Plus y
tableware design & selection
岡本玲子 Reiko Okamoto
bi design
uniform design
Le Ciel
繁田諭・Studio Grid Park Jae Hyun Satoshi Shigeta・Studio Grid Park Jae Hyun