Marcia Iwatate Office

  • 2023
  • Shinsegae Namsan, Seoul


The essence of gastronomy 美食 (bishoku) and 美酒 (bishu), which means “beautiful food and beautiful drink”. An exclusive dining experience that features well-versed pairings with fine sake, wine, and whiskeys. A global approach to Japanese cuisine, blending traditional Japanese and European ingredients. Bold and intense flavors are created with world-renowned umami ingredients and spices. An alluring architectural setting that exudes glamour, dazzle, and intrigue. The cuisine is enhanced by striking contemporary and classic tableware.
The venue's name, YAMABUKI, comes from a yellow flowering bush known as kerria japonica. The words yama (mountain) and buki (blowing) come from its delicate branches, adorned with blooms that sway in the wind, creating the impression that the entire mountain is wavering. It is often portrayed as a seasonal symbol for spring and a synonym for yellow in classic Japanese poetry and art.

Shinsegae Inc.
creative direction, menu development + tableware
岩立マーシャ Marcia Iwatate
interior design
Studio KO
2 x 4
Cheol Hee Lee (Kesson)・Creativemut・
Studio Her・Time of Blue